A few alpha males to keep you warm this winter

In the winter, sometimes you need something to keep you warm…like an alpha male.

My latest book bundle delivers on this!

Choose from Ben, a sexy UPS man; Declan, an Irish celebrity dog trainer; or Harrison, a writer and student who just might be more of a teacher…

And join the adventurous and sensual women they fall for: Leah, a single mom; Evangeline, a TV journalist; and Olivia, Harrison’s professor at Adirondack College.

Each of these couples explores new possibilities, but all of them have a strong alpha male at the center of the story, and a woman who wants to let him take charge. At least in the bedroom. Watch them grow closer as they explore new facets of one another.

Warning: These stories are explicit and include anal sex, facials, light BDSM, rough sex, and more.

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Super Bowl Sunday Sex

Hey guys!

I’ve got another story for you! 🙂

Leah’s a Packers fan and single mom. Even though the Packers didn’t make the playoffs this year, Leah still comes out a winner this Super Bowl, thanks to Ben, a hunky UPS driver who her BFF, Zoe, thinks is just what Leah needs.

Check out a quickie below & read the rest for free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited!

“So – who are you rooting for today?” She had to have some standards, even if she was being a bit slutty.

“I hope you’re joking,” he said, half-seriously raising an eyebrow suspiciously. “The Rams.”

“I’m not in a Patriots fan’s house, am I?” looking around cautiously.

Leah laughed, “No, no, you’re safe here. So who’s your team?”

“I’m from Wisconsin, so you can guess.”

“The Packers – that’s my team!” She was from Wisconsin, too.

“Oh, a fellow cheesehead? Awesome.”

“Yeah, I was so sad when they didn’t make the playoffs, but I know next year will be their year.”

Wordlessly, he pulled her closer and started kissing her passionately. She was up for it. It was like a movie. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

Lifting her dress in one swift motion, she was soon standing there in nothing but her thong, bra, and her boots.

He began kissing her neck, sucking and licking. If he did this to her neck…

He moved down her body, kissing her chest and pulling down her lacy bra till her hard nipple was free.

He licked and sucked one nipple as he lifted her breast. Looking at his tongue on her nipple combined with the sensation sent waves of pleasure through her body. His other large, strong hand brushed her ass, creeping underneath her thong and clasping her hip.

“God, I love your tits, Leah,” he groaned in his husky voice, between licks.