New erotica story bundle!

Need three hot NSFW stories in one bundle to keep you warm at night?
I got you!

TAMED is my new bundle of three stories featuring three dominant alpha males and three women who like a man who knows what he is doing.

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Warmer contains light BDSM and Super Bowl Sunday features rough sex.

All stories are NSFW!


Olivia Logan is a university professor coping with a break up who is just trying to get home in a snowstorm. 

Her student, Harrison Blake, insists on meeting with her for feedback before Christmas break. 

What begins as an innocent crush for both of them soon develops into something much more. 

Could he be the one she’s been looking for? 

They find their teacher and student roles just might be reversed – and neither of their lives will ever be quite the same again. 

This story is for mature audiences who enjoy explicit sex. 
18+ only!

Cabin Fever

When Evangeline Simon develops a case of cabin fever while reporting on a hurricane in Miami, only one thing will cure it. 

Enter Declan Walsh, an Irish celebrity dog trainer. He thinks he just might have the answer.

Join them for a sexy and erotic chance encounter in several hotel locations! 

Find out whether Declan is able to cure Evangeline’s . . . Cabin Fever.

This story is for mature audiences who enjoy explicit sex. 
18+ only!

Super Bowl Sunday

Leah Andrews is hoping for an exciting Super Bowl. But she gets more than she anticipated. 

She’s a hard-working single mom & maybe the next Martha Stewart. 

But one weekend while her son is with his dad, she ends up in a bet – and to win, she has to seduce someone at her Super Bowl party.

Enter Ben O’Connell, a sweet UPS driver – and a lumberjack of a man – who just might fit the bill.

They have a Super Bowl Sunday to remember, no matter who wins.

This story is for mature audiences who enjoy explicit sex. 
18+ only!

A few alpha males to keep you warm this winter

In the winter, sometimes you need something to keep you warm…like an alpha male.

My latest book bundle delivers on this!

Choose from Ben, a sexy UPS man; Declan, an Irish celebrity dog trainer; or Harrison, a writer and student who just might be more of a teacher…

And join the adventurous and sensual women they fall for: Leah, a single mom; Evangeline, a TV journalist; and Olivia, Harrison’s professor at Adirondack College.

Each of these couples explores new possibilities, but all of them have a strong alpha male at the center of the story, and a woman who wants to let him take charge. At least in the bedroom. Watch them grow closer as they explore new facets of one another.

Warning: These stories are explicit and include anal sex, facials, light BDSM, rough sex, and more.

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