Cabin Fever: new short & sexy story

I’m excited to share with you Cabin Fever – my latest sexy short story!

When Evangeline Simon develops a case of cabin fever while reporting on a hurricane in Miami, only one thing will cure it. 

Declan Walsh, an Irish celebrity dog trainer, thinks he just might have the answer.

Join them for a sexy and erotic chance encounter in several hotel locations! 

Find out whether Declan is able to cure Evangeline’s . . . Cabin Fever.

Read below for a quickie excerpt!

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It was just the two of them again.

The doors shut. Declan pressed 12.

He immediately pushed her against the mirror in the elevator,  pulled up her skirt, and plunged a finger into her wanting softness.

“You’ve needed this, haven’t you?”

Oh yes, she needed this.

Her breasts heaved against the mirror as his tongue traced the outline of her neck, her earlobe, as his fingers continued to work their magic.

She closed her eyes, feeling him explore her hot folds, now swollen.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed he was making eye contact with her in the mirror, holding it.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking her engorged sex, moving faster and faster.

They were at their floor.

He quickly removed his fingers and pulled down her skirt, giving her a playful slap on her ass.

The people waiting for the elevator looked at them a little funny. Was it that obvious? …

Read the rest now on Amazon! – Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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